How to understand a Canadian

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    It’s generally not too difficult to understand most Canadians (with the exception of some Newfoundlanders). But here’s a list of some of the typical terms you could expect to hear a Canadian use.

    Canadian Term


    ABM Automated Bank Machine (used instead of ATM)
    Couch Sofa
    Cow Town Calgary
    Double-Double A cup of coffee with two creams and two sugars
    Eh? Used at the end of a sentence, similar to “you know?”
    Fer sure Definitely
    Hog Town Toronto
    Islander A person from Prince Edward Island
    Jesus Murphy An exclamation of surprise
    KD Kraft dinner, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
    Loonie The Canadian one dollar coin
    Toonie The Canadian two dollar coin
    Nanaimo Bar A dessert made of egg custard and graham crackers with a layer of chocolate on top
    Oil Town A nickname for Edmonton which refers to the oil refining industry in the region
    Pop Carbonated soft drink
    Queue A line of people
    Runners Running shoes
    Stagette Bachelorette party
    Two-four A 24-pack of beer
    Zed The letter “Z”



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